Yemen demands Israel to commit to peace [Archives:2005/834/Local News]

April 18 2005

Sana'a, Apr.16,-“No normalizing with Israel unless and until it adheres to the International legislations first”. This was the Yemeni stance in reaction to the allegations of the Israeli foreign minister that some Arab countries including Yemen intend to build diplomatic relations with Israel soon.

According to Saba News Agency: a Yemeni official said last Thursday in a statement, that Yemen has a clear stance towards the issue of normalizing relations with Israel.

It said Yemen had confirmed many times that Israel must commit to the comprehensive solution of the Middle East crisis, and to withdraw from all Arab occupied lands, as well as to acknowledge the right of Palestinians to set up their independent state.

The pro-government daily Thursday, denied comments by Israeli Foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom that 10 Arab countries, including Yemen, intended to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel

“Yemen's stance is clear, and we affirm that normalization of ties with Israel should be preceded by Israel's commitment to a comprehensive and just settlement, including withdrawal from all occupied Arab lands, creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the implementation of all international resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the road map,” this statement was quoted from a Foreign Ministry source to the “September 26” government newspaper in its edition on the 14th of April this month.