Yemen demands justice [Archives:2002/39/Local News]

September 23 2002

There should not be generalization and considering every one who went to Afghanistan is a terrorist”, he stressed. He also denied information that some alqaeda elements have fled to Yemen, taking it a safe shelter. He considered such allegations groundless. He stressed that Yemen has been victimized by terrorism and that the government will continue to take part in the world campaign to crack down on terrorism. He strongly said Yemen will not allow the leaking of terrorists to its soil whatsoever, an indicator of Yemen’s supports for the US war on terrorism. The Yemeni official said Yemen’s security cooperation with the US is going okay and that the arrest of some Yemenis suspected with having links to alqaeda will not affect this cooperation. He pointed out that Yemeni authorities arrested a number of alqaeda elements or other people suspected with carrying out terrorist acts; they are being now interrogated.