Yemen Demands Progress in Peace Talks Israeli Overtures [Archives:1998/15/Front Page]

April 13 1998

Israel recently made a number of overtures to Yemen. “Even though the peace talks are stuck, Israel is making these overtures,” said a ranking Yemeni official in disbelief. In the past, Yemen had responded positively to Israeli overtures as peace talks made progress.

Israel now asks Yemen to ease up on visits (to Yemen) by Jews and Israelis, especially for religious reasons. They also asked the Yemeni authorities to grant the right of automatic over-pass through Yemen’s air space. Finally, it asked Yemen to allow telephone calls to Israel to go through. At the moment, one can receive calls from Israel, but can not make them.
The Israeli requests were simply ignored. Moreover, Yemen decided to stop any contact that had existed between Yemeni and Israeli officials.