Yemen demands prosecution of 21 suspects including 8 Saudis [Archives:2005/856/Local News]

July 4 2005

SANA'A- A security source doubted the authenticity of the information exchanged by different media means about the involvement of a Yemeni suspect in the list of 36 Saudi suspects wanted by the court on suspicion of terrorist acts.

An official source told 22 May weekly last Thursday that the Yemeni Ministry of Interior does not have any documents carrying the name of Hassan Mohammad Hamid whose name was announced in an Interior Ministry's statement last Tuesday.

The source clarified there is still an ongoing contact with Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to know whether the travel documents alleged to be possessed by a Yemeni national are forged or authentic, according to what was published last Wednesday by Saudi Arabia's al-Watan Newspaper.

In the same context, the source revealed to al-Watan Newspaper the list of the wanted suspects including 21 fugitives who fled the country. The Yemeni authorities claimed that these suspects should appear before the court for committing different crimes inside Yemen.

According to the source, the list of the wanted suspects involve 8 Saudi nationals accused by the Yemeni security authorities of committing various crimes in Yemen such as money laundering, murder cases and drug trafficking.

It pointed out one of the wanted Saudi nationals, Hassan Mohammad al-Sahari, was sentenced by the Yemeni judiciary to five years in jail for being involved in drug trafficking.

The list covers 10 Yemenis suspected by the authorities of bombing police stations to the north of the country, attacking security forces while on duty and committing other crimes.

The list also includes 3 suspects holding the UAE citizenship and a Colombian who are facing the charges of murdering Yemenis and smuggling Yemeni antiquities, the source added.

The same source ascertained all the wanted suspects are fugitives outside the country while the preliminary information indicates the existence of 14 suspects inside the Saudi lands.

The source mentioned that Yemen urged Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and the U.A.E. through their interior ministries to hunt all the wanted suspects and capture them, but up until now all these countries have never provided information whether they did so according to the Yemeni government request or not.

For its part, the Yemeni Interior Ministry denied last week in a statement distributed by Saba News Agency all what has been published by different media means that the Yemeni authorities set a list of wanted people on charge of terror cases, and the suspects, Arabs and foreigners, exist outside the country.