Yemen denies pollution of its agricultural products [Archives:2004/701/Local News]

January 8 2004

An official source at the Yemeni ministry of agriculture and irrigation on Monday confirmed his surprise about the Saudi decision on preventing Yemeni agricultural products from entering Saudi markets, describing the reasons as unconvincing scientifically and practically.
The source also affirmed hat Yemeni agricultural products entertained western and European satisfaction due to their high quality. The source refuted correctness of news ascribed to some sources in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA), claiming to being polluted with contagious virus and bacteria, saying the news as groundless and not depending on any scientific fact, asserting that Yemeni exporters commit to GCC specifications regarding agricultural products. He said the Saudi banning decisions whether in previous periods or at present are not based on accurate scientific data or grounds.
The source had further added that a ministerial meeting was earlier held in Riyadh devoted to discussion the matter and was agreed to send a Saudi technical team. The team had actually made field visits to production sites, exporting centers, quality laboratories, health and agriculture to get ascertained about safety of measures, despite the team's conviction of soundness of measures we are still astonished concerning the Saudi measures.