Yemen deports some Arab and foreign nationals [Archives:2003/670/Local News]

September 22 2003

Sana'a, Sept 20 – The Yemeni ruling party, the General People's Congress (GPC) said on its Internet website ( that deportation measures have taken by Yemeni security authorities in recent days.
It has been reported that more than one thousand nationals of Arab and foreign nationalities living in Yemen have been deported for security reasons.
Quoting security authorities, the website said that the deported nationals' number amounted to 1,055 foreigners from various Arab and foreign countries.
But the source didn't mention whether those deportees had been handed over to their own countries or had just been sent out of the country.
Yemeni authorities have in recent years expelled hundreds of foreigners as part of a campaign against religious extremism in Yemen under the pressure by the United State to chase down those suspected of having links to al-Qaeda.
More than 1,800 persons, most of whom studies in religious institutes that teach Salafi ideas in Yemen where expelled from Yemen in 2002.