Yemen discusses refugee affairs in Addis Ababa [Archives:2003/646/Local News]

June 30 2003

Yemen along with 13 other countries and more than 16 international and regional organizations attended the conference of the international immigration policies that was held in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa last week. A number of prominent international experts have also participated in the activities of the conference.
In his speech on this occasion, Deputy Interior Minister General Rasheed Jurhoom talked about various issues concerning Yemen's refugee problems, especially those concerning Somali refugees and others coming from the Horn of Africa.
He also gave a statement about the projects that Yemen implemented since the Nairobi conference held in May 2002, which was an opportunity to exploit the possibilities to reform Yemeni refugee and immigration laws and procedures.
The chairman of the conference considered Yemen's working paper submitted during the event a major document of the conference as it served as an example and case study of means and possibilities on how to improve standards and legislations to protect rights of refugees and immigrants.