Yemen, Egypt sign bilateral agreements excluding security [Archives:2006/947/Front Page]

May 18 2006

By: Mohamed Bin Sallam
SANA'A, May 17 ) Yemen and Egypt signed 31 agreements on mutual cooperation between the two Arab countries on Wednesday evening.

Concluding the Joint Yemeni-Egyptian Supreme Committee's Sixth round of meetings that commenced Tuesday, both sides signed agreements, protocols, memorandums of understanding and accords on the launch of cooperation programs on education, health, water resources and sanitation, endowments and guidance, and industry and trade.

The bilateral programs focused on of public works, land transportation, energy and environment, tourism, youth and sports, agriculture, media, postal services, judicial systems, and foreign and expatriate affairs.

Other areas such as local administration, specifications and standards, exhibition organization, insurance monitoring and solid-waste management were covered by bilateral cooperation programs, in addition to the future establishment of a Yemeni-Egyptian business council.

Yemeni Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal with his Egyptian counterpart Dr. Ahmad Nazif launched the Yemeni-Egyptian Businessmen Forum Wednesday.

In his speech at the forum, Bajammal confirmed his government's support for partnerships between private sector in both Yemen and Egypt. He stated that the private sectors in both countries have an important role to play in developing joint relations and enhancing various areas of cooperation between the two countries.

According to Bajammal, the mutual cooperation agreements signed by both governments mark a new phase in the history of Yemeni-Egyptian ties particularly in developmental areas. He called on businessmen and other private sector representatives in Yemen and Egypt to play a vital role in advancing bilateral ties between both Arab states.

For his part, Egyptian Prime Minister Nazif affirmed his government's support for the Yemeni-Egyptian Businessmen Forum, emphasizing the pioneering role that the private sectors in Yemen and Egypt must play so that the wheels of development are pushed forward in their respective countries.

The two officials inaugurated the First Yemeni-Egyptian Construction Forum held in Sana'a and scheduled to last for two days, from May 24 to May 25. As many as 50 Egyptian firms specializing in construction and engineering are expected to participate alongside many Yemeni firms.

Reaching the level of 125 million dollars during the past year, the volume of trade between Yemen and Egypt is rising. Evidence of increased bilateral trade is readily available with Egyptian contractors managing road construction projects and other public works in Yemen.

The meetings also examined the current situation in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq and Palestine, and how events in these two occupied Arab states impact security and stability in the region. Additionally, the talks reviewed coordination of efforts for combating terrorism.