Yemen Establishes first gifted school [Archives:2007/1055/Local News]

May 31 2007

SANA'A, May 30 ) Director of the Capital Secretariat's education office Mohammed Al-Fadhli has indicated that the first gifted school will be inaugurated for the next academic year 2007/2008. The school is being funded by the social fund for development and will focus on modern educational techniques using advanced communication technology and facilitation. And will be a very distant example from the on-going educational practices in Yemen.

He elaborated that the students will have to pass through a series of exams and exhibit academic achievement in order to be enrolled, and that the school will have an independent budget and management, following suit to the practices of gifted schools in the developed countries with minimum interference from the Ministry of Education with regards to the curricula and administration, adding that the curricula and other educational materials will be tailor-made to meet the requirements and expectations of the gifted students, and to allow them to capitalize on their special gifts and talents in a wide array of disciplines

Al-Fadhli also added that the Ministry of Education is currently on the lookout for qualified educators who have experience dealing with gifted students, adding that such staff will be placed in a special class with a very attractive remuneration package, especially as the Ministry wants to expand the project of schools for gifted students, utilizing the lessons learnt and the experiences gained from this school in Sana'a in order to avoid any drawbacks that might hinder the success of this project and enhancing logical and technical development.