Yemen Fails to Join The UN Human Rights Committee [Archives:2000/19/Local News]

May 8 2000

Yemen’s attempts to join the UN Committee for Human Rights have failed as it won only one vote. Joining the committee itself is considered a recognition of the member state respect of human rights. Winners of the six seats allocated to Asia were Saudi Arabia (48 votes), Syria (48 votes), India (42 votes), Thailand (38 votes), Vietnam (38 votes), and Malaysia (34). Other countries scored the following: Bhutan (33 votes), Nepal (18 votes) Yemen (I vote) and Sri Lanka (1 vote).
On the other hand Yemen has won the membership of the UNICEF administrative committee. Four countries competed for the three seats. They were Indonesia ( 47 votes), Yemen (43 votes), Laos ( 37 votes) and North Korea ( 29 votes).