Yemen Female Media Forum Partnership with international organizations [Archives:2004/776/Community]

September 27 2004

The Yemen Female Media Forum organized last week a workshop, held at the premises of the Yemen Times, to discuss how to expand and strengthen the relationships between international organizations and local ones.
Ms. Rahma Hujiara, the head of Yemen Female Media Forum, told the Yemen Times, “This workshop was devoted to the Yemen Female Media Forum, but we attempted to expand the percentage of beneficiaries. So we invited the leaderships of different societies and institutions to discuss how to expand the partnership between the local and international NGO's in order to strengthen local organizations and engage them in the development process.”
She added, “We took advantage of the presence of Mr. Abdualwahab AL-Kebsi, the manager of middle east programs for National Endowment for Democracy (NED) who has enriched this workshop with his experience as the manager of NED, which is considered one of the main supports for non-government organizations. In fact we also invited a number of prominent figures, writers, analysts and activists in the field of civic societies like Dr. Abduallah AL-Zalab, Dr. Mohammed AL-Sabri, Ms. Houria Mashour, National Woman Committee, Dr. Raufa Hassan. UNICEF, and a number of other international organizations.
She concluded, “We agreed that we have to build strong relationships with international organizations regardless of their backgrounds. We cannot remain isolated and vulnerable to capture, accusation and suspicion. We have to deal with all international organizations and ask them for support and to strengthen local organizations”