Yemen-German relations towards better understanding [Archives:2003/04/Local News]

January 27 2003

The Yemeni Germany Graduates’ Conference was held on January 23 in Aden in the presence of tens of Yemenis who graduated from Germany. The event is held annually and this year it has been held in Aden under the title ‘Yemen-German Dialogue’ for winning Yemen reputation as a beautiful and good country. As for Yemen’s image in Germany, Kampiz Ghawami noted that Yemen has enjoyed a good reputation on the part of the Germans. He also indicated that the German government’s attitude towards Yemen is highly positive.
A press conference was also held last Wednesday 22 January in Sana’a in the presence of Dr. Kampiz Ghawami, the Chairman of World University Service (WUS) and Mr. Jedow Chebch, the Director of the Yemeni-German House for Cooperation and Culture. This came after the German Delegation toured Yemen in preparation to hold the German Graduates Conference.
Dr. Mohammed Zain Aidaroos, the Public Relations Manager at Aden University and the Chairman of German Graduates Association in Yemen said, “This is a joint activity between the German Graduates Association and the World University Service based in Germany as well as the Yemeni-German House for Cooperation and Culture and the German Embassy in Sana’a.”
On his part, Dr. Kampiz Ghawami talked about the objectives and tasks of the WUS, which was founded in 1920. He stressed on the fact that WUS supports the right to education in all stages. He pointed out that there is a number of students study in Germany including Asia, Africa and Latin America.
He said that the number of the Yemeni graduates from Germany for the years 2001 and 2002 has reached 350.
The WUS also supports students by providing them with round-trip flight tickets and around 350 Euro yearly along with material support estimated at 10,000 Euro.
When asked about the two Yemenis currently held captive in Germany, Dr. Ghawami said that he hoped that the issue would be resolved soon and expressed his confidence that this issue wouldn’t affect the strong bilateral relations between Yemen and Germany.