Yemen hosts Arab seminar on human rights [Archives:2003/691/Local News]

December 4 2003

Forty trainees from various Arab countries are expected to attend the Third Regional Seminar for Human Rights.
Organized by Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) in cooperation with the Germany's regional office of its Conrad Adinawer Establishment, the seminar runs in Sana'a from Dec. 6 to 11.
The HRITC has decided to hold its yearly seminars in the field of human rights in Yemen, inviting participants from non-governmental organizations and activists from countries in the Arabian Peninsula and Arab Gulf.
The regional seminar is considered one of the unique Arab seminars, which gained Arab and international reputation during the past three years for the importance of its programs, and the level of training.
It also pays special attention to presenting a wide variety of important international documents.
Izzaddeen Said Al-Asbahi, president of the HRITC, said that this seminar is an assurance of the important role which the civil establishments undertake to extend cooperation and spread the comprehension of human rights.
It also clarifies that the wide Arab participation in this seminar, and the desire of more Arab organizations and individual activists to participate, is proof of its importance and success.
He indicated that participants in this seminar will be coming from Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Morocco and Yemen. The training faculty team will include important Arab names coming from Beirut, Egypt, Jordan, Geneva, Palestine and Yemen.
The seminar will present an intensive program about human rights which includes the various international documents, intellectual and philosophical background, the work context of the United Nations, international mechanisms, Treaties of the Rights of Women, the Rights of Children, and the role non-governmental organizations play to protect those rights and liberties.
This seminar will also concentrate on the importance of training in tracking and documenting violations of human rights, and preparation of reports parallel to those official reports prepared by non-governmental organizations.
The HRITC started presenting its regional programs in 2000 by offering several courses, seminars and workshops in Yemen, Jordan and Cairo.