Yemen Hosts International Junior Asian Basketball Championships [Archives:1998/37/Sports]

September 14 1998

Mr. Al-Khader Al-Azzani, a member of Parliament and Chairman of the Yemeni Basketball Association (YBA) told Yemen Times; “Yemen will host the Asian championship for juniors after Yemen’s request for hosting this championship was accepted by the Asian Basketball Association.

Mr. Al-Azzani called upon the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Yemeni Olympic Committee to cooperate with YBA to support the championship in order to reflect a better image of Yemen among the participating teams. The Asian Basketball Association will pay for the airplane tickets of the Asian and Arab teams. The YBA just has to find accommodation for the teams and determine the fields at which the matches will be held. The matches will most probably be held at the indoor hall in Aden.

Mr. Al-Azzani added that the YBA is in great need of sponsorship by Yemeni businessmen because this championship is the first of its kind in Yemen. “We urge the commercial sector to finance such activities which bring together many international teams who are introduced to the culture and traditions of Yemen.”