Yemen Hunt Oil Company welders appeal [Archives:2004/742/Local News]

May 31 2004

The welders working in the plants affiliated to Yemen Hunt Oil Company submitted on 17 May an appeal to the company's Acting Chairman and General Manager asking for consideration of their situation in view of their faithful performance done in a proficient, efficient and perfect manner.
The employed welders have said, since we have devoted ourselves to your esteemed company's service, we feel deprived of promotions given to other personnel who have higher grades in positions and salary. We therefore have been left with no alternative but to resort to the submission of this appeal for your kind consideration of the hazards we are exposed to while performing our risky job, whilst we are still kept at grade 8, despite the fact we are entitled to have access to equal opportunities of promotion on a par with others in the company and on account of the hard work we perform sincerely and perfectly. We take leave from your good selves to state that we serve you honestly without evil in words or deeds or thought. We also are certain that you will not fail to consider our situation in serving you in jobs that involve hazards and jeopardize our health and safety, which is invaluable, and that we feel satisfied in devoting ourselves to the work we do for you faithfully. We trust you will be well disposed towards doing us justice. Your cooperation in sympathizing with us in this connection has our acknowledgement and gratitude. The welders conclude their appeal.