Yemen, Iran & World Bank  Funding to Build 11 Bridges [Archives:2000/17/Local News]

April 24 2000

Reliable sources in the Ministry of Urban Planning and Construction report that negotiations between Yemen, World Bank and some private Iranian companies are currently taking place to obtain funds for building 11 bridges and subways in the capital Sana’a. The recently inaugurated fly-over the first bridge in Sana’a. The government plans to have new bridges built so as to relieve traffic congestion at some road intersections.
Some concrete steps have been initiated in this regard, the source said, adding that execution will take place at different stages in the second half of this year or at the beginning of next year.
The Ministry has completed all designs of the bridges to be built in Saba Roundabouts, intersection of Haddah and the Ring Road, intersection of Military Academy, intersection of the road leading to Sa’adah including the 60m street as well as in some other areas in the capital, the source added. It is also expected that there will be subways in Bab Al-Sabah and Bab Al-Yemen.