Yemen is arms meeting co-ordinator [Archives:2005/815/Local News]

February 10 2005

Yemen is chosen as regional co-ordinator of a workshop on small arms issues ) organized by the Permanent Peace Movement Society in Lebanon and the Regional Network for Controlling the Misuse of Small Arms,

The workshop will concentrate on the importance of the research for following up the spread of small arms spreading. It was related to the UN special program for following up on arms studies.

Discussion carried out in a recent meeting in Beriut focused on the network tasks and the upcoming program, which will be carried out specially on governmental contact points.

The coordination will take place with the governmental authorities and also the Disarmament Department of the Arab League.

An Arab League representative will also participate in the meeting.

Thirty persons have participated in a recent workshop representing Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and also the representatives of Holland and Britain.