Yemen JAC report discloses corruption practices in 2007 [Archives:2008/1198/Local News]

October 13 2008

Mohammed Bin Sallam
SANA'A, Oct. 8 )The Prime Ministry, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Health and Population and the Republic Presidency ranked high in terms of corruption in 2007, according to a recent report prepared by the Yemen Journalists Against Corruption alliance, known as Yemen JAC.

The report revealed that the total violations committed in the Ministry of Defense amounted to YR 202 billion.

This amount of money was registered in the discussed public budget and the final accounting settlement. However, this money was spent against principles of transparency requested by Parliament.

The report revealed that the Prime Ministry is ranked second, after the Ministry of Defense, in terms of financial violations which amounted to YR 4.052 billion. Most of these finances are aids and loans which the Prime Ministry failed to utilize appropriately due to mismanagement. Instead, the government utilized this money in a way that contradicts the principle of transparency.

Ranking third in terms of corruption was the Republic Presidency as the amount of violations committed by its office reached over YR 3.750 billion, according to the report. Some of these finances were spent without the required documentation and accounting procedures.

The Ministry of Public Health and Population was ranked fourth in the list of governmental institutions involved in corruption during 2007. The ministry's financial violations amounted to YR 9.404 billion. The report disclosed that part of this money was spent on making contracts breaching the tender law, while the other part was spent on projects which stalled either due to lack of monitoring and misuse.

The draft of the report pointed out that the financial violations committed in the Ministry of Public Works amounted to YR 7.133 billion, while the violations of Ministry of Agriculture reached YR 10.606 billion.

The report further showed that financial violations in the Ministry of Civil Service amounted to YR 21.500 billion, noting that violations of the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments) had reached YR 107.27 billion, as sums of money collected by the ministry were spent illegally.

An amount of YR 2.960 billion was registered in financial violations by the Ministry of Social Affairs and over YR 297 million was attributed to violations committed by the Ministry of Transportation.

The Ministry of Trade and Youth committed financial violations amounting to YR 7 billion and YR 5 billion respectively, said the report, maintaining that this amount of money was spent illegally due to lack of supervision and monitoring as well as poor the execution of projects.

The Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum (SCER) was registered as committing financial violations estimated at YR 377 million. This money was spent in the form of loans which were not settled.

The report further confirmed that violations in the Ministry of Legal Affairs amounted to YR 155 million, and violations of the Shura Council reached over YR 10 million, in addition to YR 138.300 billion.

According to the report, financial violations committed by the Ministry of Fish Wealth reached YR 4.900 billion, while those committed by the Ministry of Oil and Minerals amounted to YR 62.961 billion.

Financial violations in the University of Sana'a amounted to YR 2.741 billion whereas violations of both the Ibb and Dhamar universities reached YR 600 million, according to the report.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' financial violations reached YR 2 million.

Additionally, the report said that the Ministry of Expatriates, CAC bank , Public Aviation Authority and Customs Authority had committed violations amounting to YR 16 million, YR 42.759 billion, YR 3.081 billion, and YR 53.812 billion respectively.

The report also disclosed that financial violations committed by the Local Authority amounted to YR 4.339 billion.

The Yemen alliance of Journalists Against Corruption (Yemen JAC) is an association which consists of journalists, writers and intellectuals who work voluntarily to fight corruption and reinforce rational governance in Yemen. The key objective of the association is to expose corruption and investigate cases of corruption. The report is the first of its kind produced by the alliance.