Yemen loses 100 million dollars [Archives:2005/809/Business & Economy]

January 20 2005

General Corporation for Yemeni Environment Protection clarified in a new study that Yemen loses 100 millions dollars because of the air pollution in the capital Sana'a that affects many of the citizens with lot of diseases.

The Corporation said in a field search that the ratio of the pollution density that the Capital Sana'a is suffering from is over the international standards as a result of the status and location of the town which is surrounded by the mountains that stop the pollution from being scattered in addition to the mountains bareness in nature and a source of dusts which increase the pollution of the town which is of tourism distinctions and famed archaeological land marks further to the existence of diplomatic missions and also being considered as an important center for enacting the economical activity.

The main source of the pollution that the country suffers from is attributed to the transportation sector, the electricity power stations, stones crushers and cutters, the red local bricks bakeries spread all over the town and around it which matter warns in the meantime about the dangers resulting out of the continuing pollution to whatever is existing at present.

The Corporation indicated that the total number of the vehicles roaming Sana'a streets reach to two hundred and fifty thousands vehicles in accordance with the census of the Traffic department, 90 thousands of which are minor private cars; twenty-three thousands are minor taxi cars, and about seventy thousands are buses for general transportation in addition to the public, military and diplomatic sectors vehicles and some others.

It has also pointed out that the taxi cars using diesel fuel are 2853 in number. Buses for transportation using diesel too are 2619, and 942 are minor private cars i.e. the total of the whole using the diesel reaches to approx. 6414 vehicles in addition to a big number of vehicles and plants which were changed to use the diesel illegally or which were not recorded within the capital Sana'a.