Yemen loses leading man in literature [Archives:2007/1018/Local News]

January 22 2007

HODIEDAH, Jan. 20 ) Yemeni poet and historian Abdurrahman Ba'ekr, 64, died Jan. 18 in Hodeidah following a heart attack.

Ba'ekr is known as one of Yemen's leading men of literature, thinking and history. He is among very few thinkers who enriched the Yemeni and Arab library with important contributions ranging from literature, history and politics with about 20 works.

These works include studies of Yemen's revolution history and political history together with many other Islamic studies and critical works. He also wrote collections of poems and plays.

Ba'ekr lost his sight during his youth and, thus, compelled to stay in his homeland, Hodeidah's Hais, to write.

His early education was at the hands of his father and then he studied secondary school in Sana'a and later he perused studies under religious scholars in Zabid.

He married more than once and has 15 sons: seven boys and eight girls. He was honored by many cultural institution including Al-Sa'eed Foundation and Al-Afif Establishment. Further he occupied the second rank in competition conducted by London Radio at the beginning of the 15th Hegira century.