Yemen & Mid-East Economy [Archives:1998/47/Business & Economy]

November 23 1998

As the state of Israel and Palestinian National Authority approved the Wye River Accord, the way to peace is being paved and secured for all countries in the Middle East. Every modern economist predict a progress in economic developments in the Arabian Peninsula and close-by areas. The land-for-security deal has deleted tension and created the probability of new relations to be established among countries in the region. Progress and prosperity can not be advanced or spread in Arabia without being tolerant towards cases settled finally near-by. The Republic of Yemen, an essential member of Al-Mashreq and the Gulf states, stood in favor of peace solutions towards a final-status agreement. Yemen is a positive-neutral country, which did not issue yet, official economic boycott against any country in the world without exclusion. 
The status of business developments in our country is encouragingly as long as our parliament have chosen the right method in dealing with foreign and commercial policy successfully. It is important to deal with all happy events happened here or there in responsibility and truth. There is a great need for diplomacy to perform new economic ties among all nations of the world. President Ali Abdullah Saleh is one of the greatest leaders of the world, Arab history has ever seen, who insisted on a global peace and co-operation built on mutual trust and respect. The presidental role in keeping Yemen out of the external troubles is becomming a full-course for all leaders to follow his steps. 
Our Middle East economy is improving fastly, because all countries in the area preferred the peace-process-system. Yemen is exerting efforts to create a Free-economy-system market by depending on all its resources to drive the development wheel onwards. The governmental new plans expand progression of oil exploration, drilling and production and the policy of additional foreign investment is certainly sagacious and meritful. Other discoveries of Uranium, Radium and various Radio-active materials should be exploited fully in electrical power generation and water disalination along the Western and Southern coast. An up-to-date industrial mode of operation for the purposes of peace, safety, security and stability should be brought into existence. Engineering genetics’ concepts are required to be used in agriculture or farming to improve the quality and quantity of food industry. In summary, Yemen is going ahead towards its economic targets within recent changeable state of affairs arround Arabia to promote its gross national production and national unity. Therefore, more tolerence and wisdom is an exigency to achieve all goals in the near future.
By : Ghassan Al-Ahdal
Yemen Times