Yemen Mobile gets Arabic-enabled [Archives:2004/801/Local News]

December 23 2004

Devices of Yemen Mobile, the first and only CDMA service provider in the Arab World, are now Arabic-enabled. These devices were used in many languages throughout the world except for Arabic over the last four years.
The Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) belongs to the third generation system of the wireless telecommunication in the world.
The system offers distinctive services with Arabic-enabled devices and its subscribers increased to around 50,000 just two months after it was inaugurated.
This enables the company to sell its CDMA devices, particularly with many Arab countries ready to launch the third generation services of wireless telecommunication.
Meanwhile, ZTE, HUAWIE and PUANTIC provided their products with Arabic-enabled programs and started receiving Yemen Mobile subscribers.
People who subscribed to Yemen Mobile before this date, will have their devices Arabic enabled by the above mentioned companies for free. Likewise, all the companies currently available in the Yemeni markets committed to make their devices Arabic-enabled as soon as possible.
The three companies proved able to compete with the Chinese TCL, the first company to produce the CDMA Arabic-enabled devices all over the world. TCL was able to sell its products since the inauguration of the CDMA service provider Yemen Mobile.
Other companies like NOKIA, MOTOROLA, LG and SASUNG are in the way to update their products and make them Arabic-enabled.