Yemen mourns Mujahid Abu Shawarib [Archives:2004/791/Front Page]

November 18 2004

The Republic of Yemen officially mourned prominent politician and president's advisor Mujahid Abu Shawarib, who died in a horrific traffic accident on his way from Abs in Hajja to the Capital Sanaa on Wednesday afternoon.rn
Tribal sources said that he died at the Military Hospital in Sanaa after he went through a comma that resulted from severe brain injury after his car rolled over several times after it ran into another vehicle.rn
Hizam Al-Nufaish, one of his companions was also killed in the incident and a number of bodyguards and companions were injured.rn
Investigations started to unveil the reasons behind the accident, but official sources ruled out any possibility of an intended assassination and say it was probably due to reckless driving and high speed or any other traffic-related reason.rn
Abu Shawarib, 66, had occupied several posts in his long political career of which the last was advisor to President Ali Abdullah Saleh. rn
Many saw him as an icon in bringing various Yemeni factions together and in helping maintain unity, especially during difficult time.rn
Even though he was once the General Secretary of the Socialist Baath Party, most of his posts were in the military as he was a commander in chief in major military installations and had served in various times dating back to 1972 when he was appointed as the deputy commander of the armed forces.