Yemen number six in the global population growth rate [Archives:2006/979/Local News]

August 7 2006

SANA'A, Sept 6 -Yemen is predicted to rank sixth globally in 2006 in population growth rate, stated a United Nations Population representative in Yemen. “Although there has been a notable reduction in the last decades, Yemen is predicted to rank sixth globally in 2006 in population growth rate,” said Hans Obdeijn, on a launch of the state of world population report 2006. He added that Yemen is characterized by one of the highest fertility rate in the world with 6.8 births per woman. “Nearly half of the Yemenis are younger than 15 years, which is a reflection of the high population growth rate,” he added.

The report focused on the international migration, particularly female migration and there was a call for action to improve the situation of the 95 million women migrants over the world.

Regarding the migration in Yemen, Obdeijn pointed out Yemen is a country with a long history of internal and external migration and that “many Yemenis or Yemenis descendants, live and work around the globe. In more recent times, we also see an increased migration from rural to urban areas in Yemen.” “Many young Yemeni people, mostly men, migrated to find employment opportunities or to better achieve their ambitious. Money sent home by them is important source of income for the families they leave behind. But these same families and in particular the women and children also have to face the consequences of social change and the impact on the family functionality. Moreever, returning migrant workers have been identified as potential source of HIV/AIDS in Yemen,” he explained.

Dr. Arwa Alrabee, deputy in the Ministry of Health and Population mentioned the negative impacts due to the internal migration saying such migration creates poor disruption of the population and consequently the services that offer to the citizens. Security General in the population national council, Ameen Marwf, said Yemen has no database regarding Yemeni external migrants in the last 20 years. He confirmed that Yemen only provided the fund with information of the internal migration in the governorates.

According to the report, which was released just days before a major United Nations meeting on migration and development, women are half of all international migrants, but their rights and concerns are largely ignored. The United Nations also released “Moving Young,” a youth supplement to the report, featuring the stories of 10 young people whose lives have been shaped by migration.