Yemen on alert for Asian quake’s high waves:Tsunami quake affects Yemen [Archives:2005/803/Front Page]

January 3 2005

Yemen along with Oman were on alert Monday, warning fishermen and people not to venture out to sea after high waves caused by the massive Tsunami quake in Asia caused damage along the southern coastline.

At least three fishermen near the southern city of Mukalla were injured Sunday when a five meter high wave struck the coast, the official SABA news agency reported.

Yemeni authorities then warned fishermen to stay out of the water and immediately report any high waves in the region.

However, panic among some Yemeni circles resulted in rumors that a potential earthquake related to the Tsunami is to hit the Arabian Peninsula within this week. The reports were attributed to earthquake research centers in Canada. But Yemen Times could not confirm or deny such rumors. But experts in Dhamar's earthquake monitoring and warning center said that this is unlikely.

Meanwhile, Irena Knehtl, a regular contributor to Yemen Times was in direct contact with the Arab association in Singapore. Yemen Times learned from the Yemeni and Arab community there that there were no effects of the Tsunami in Singapore. However, the association told Irena that the northern part of Malaysia had about 44 deaths, which is few in comparison to the lives lost in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Irena is also in contact with Maldives to obtain first hand information.

The extraordinary loss of lives from Sunday's quake and tsunami waves is prompting Asian governments to consider developing a more comprehensive and effective warning system.