Yemen, Pakistan agree on military, economic cooperation [Archives:2008/1126/Local News]

February 4 2008

SANA'A, Feb 3 ) Pakistani prime minister Mohammedmian Soomro left Yemen on February 2 after a two-day visit to the country, where he met with high-ranking Yemeni officials. The visit, which started on February 1, aimed at boosting defense cooperation between Yemen and Pakistan.

The Pakistani official also discussed economic relations and ways of enhancing them. The visit came in response to an invitation from Yemeni prime minister Ali Mujawar.

The visit came amid fierce and continuous clashes between government troops and supporters of Abdul-Malaki Al-Houthi in Sa'ada.

Yemeni defense minister Mohammad Nasser noted that Yemen needs Pakistan's help and support to improve its medical corps and military hospitals.

He said: “We are proud of the military progress made by Pakistan, and we are satisfied with the military training given to Yemeni officers in Pakistan.”

“The bonds between the two countries are strong and will become stronger with the passage of time,” he added.

Economic ties

The Pakistani prime minister held talks with Mujawar on issues related to economic cooperation between the two countries. In a meeting with Yemeni and Pakistani businessmen in Sana'a, the two premiers called on the businessmen to support government efforts to enhance commercial and investment relations in their countries.

Mujawar said the governments of Yemen and Pakistan intend to establish technical, economic, investment and commercial committees to follow up on agreements between the two countries.

He also welcomed Pakistani investors to Yemen, saying, “It is important to widen the commercial exchange between Yemen and Pakistan,” adding that his country is keen to develop its relations with Pakistan, specifically in wheat and rice imports.

“Continuous contact and exchanged visits between the two countries on public and private sector levels contribute greatly to relations development between the two countries