Yemen Physicians & Pharmacists syndicate, statement [Archives:2004/703/Local News]

January 15 2004

Physicians & Pharmacists syndicate issued on Monday a statement addressed to its members saying although we have entered new year and despite of the regional and international events involving many lessons that we have to learn and positively deal with, in which we claim that we do understand the age and its changes. However, reality disproves our claims that we believe in democracy as a real practice and that we support the civil society organisations. Yet the reality shows that we practice a primitive totality and try to apply a kind of make up on it by media means!
The professional syndicates are unfortunately overseen by power dictates that reject the application of law, principles and relevant regulations. In this connection our syndicate, Syndicate of physicians & Pharmacists, is “seized” by the power represented by the Government, which supports ineffective and invalid administrative entities. The last general elections of the syndicate were organized in 1992. Furthermore, the syndicate's branches, above all Sana'a branch, have been invalid since 1997.
In this regard certain verdicts were issued considering these entities as illegal. Among those verdicts is that one urging the social security authority to organize the elections in the due time, since it is the competent authority. But, what happened? The verdict was rejected by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the authorities connected hereto. Meanwhile, the Government has been continuing dealing with the incompetent entities and grants them privileges and authorizations, contrary to the applicable laws and regulations, particularly in terms of the rights of physicians and pharmacists as human beings. Hence, all institutions of the civil society are called for condemning this illegal policy in order get rid of it and achieve the creation of legal entities that can represent this social segment and defend its rights against the harms incurred by the current situation.
Basing on what has been stated above, we decided to hold congresses for the Syndicate's branches, including Sana'a branch, on Thursday, 4.3.2004. 10 AM at Al-Hikma House. The congresses will be supervised by the General Assembly of the Syndicate. Yet it is our pleasure to invite all civil & social institutions and the media representatives to attend the congresses towards supporting the syndicate and covering this event.