Yemen & Poland: New Phase in Relations [Archives:1998/20/Business & Economy]

May 18 1998

Ties between Yemen and Poland are old and quite strong. They are going to be more enhanced by more trade and economy dealings.
Bin Sallam of Yemen Times talked to some of the members of a delegation of Polish businessmen, who are currently visiting Yemen. He filed the following interviews. Excerpts:
Mr. Romauld A. Waga is a former admiral in the Polish navy, now works in promoting Polish businesses overseas. He also represent the Polish Fisheries Establishment and their world-famous ship-building company. Mr. Waga is the head of the delegation currently visiting Yemen:
“This delegation, consisting of nine people and representing as many Polish companies, has come to Yemen for the purpose of gauging the possibilities of investing in this country. There are people from oil companies, shipping salvage, aeronautics, other important fields of business. As well as representing their companies, members of the delegation are also in contact with other Polish companies to help answer their queries regarding the prospects of coming to Yemen.
“As a developing economy and a burgeoning democracy, Yemen offers immense possibilities for investors from Poland. The oil sector and the Aden Free Zone in particular are very attractive to Polish investors.
“Polish companies are mainly interested in the shipping sector. As you know, Poland is very famous for its ship-building capabilities, and is interested in selling ships especially for the purpose of protecting the national coasts from pirates and smuggling. Since Yemen has a very long shoreline, it is in big need of such naval ships.
“The delegation is visiting Aden where we believe that we can do a lot of business, and enter as strong competitors with Western firms.”
Mr. Jan Kurek, the Managing Director of the Petrobaltic Oil and Gas Exploration-Production Company. He has been working in the oil sector for the last 25 years:
“Investment in Yemen is becoming rather difficult due to the presence of large companies in almost all fields of business.
“With more than 450 employees, our company is a large concern that mainly deals with off-shore oil and gas exploration and production and ship supplies. Petrobaltic has activities in Africa, the Black Sea in Russia, Vietnam and other countries.
“Our company has been conducting a study on the Yemeni oil market for the last 8 months, and we expect to sign oil exploration deals with the Yemen government within the next 6-12 months. Both Yemen and Poland have started their democratization process about 7 years ago and are on their way for better things in the future.
“Petrobaltic is planning to merge with a very large oil company in Poland, making it a worthy contender of the biggest international oil companies. We have the necessary modern technology that will enable us to compete effectively with others. Our geologists and other oil specialist will be here in Yemen for further studying the prospects of serious business in this country.”
Mr. Arnosz Cezarius Brozynski, the Managing Director of Nautilus Submarine Service and Environment Protection:
“Our company has more than 20 years of experience in marine technology and ship salvaging, and is involved in business activities in Canada, Norway, Spain and a few other countries. There is plenty of opportunity at the Port of Aden, which is on its way to become one of the best in the world. We sincerely hope to take part in the development of this vital port.
“If we succeed at the port of Aden, which I believe will happen, we will then proceed to work in other Yemeni ports. There is a lot of activity going now in the port: dredging, salvaging, platform construction, etc. So we hope that we will be able to conclude a few deals in the very near future.
“Yemen occupies a very strategic positions at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, which attracts investors from all over the world. With the democratization process, Yemen is truly become Arabia Felix.”
Mr. Leszek Grot of Grot International Trading Company, which is involved in air and sea transport:
“Good transport facilities are vital for the rapid development process that is taking place now in Yemen. Our first agreement with Yemen involves supplying school buses.