Yemen post and Postal Saving Corporation issue new stamps [Archives:2008/1148/Culture]

April 21 2008

Ismail Al-Ghabri
Yemen post and the Postal Saving Corporation Displayed the new postage stamps and postcards for 2008. Many were chosen to reflect historical Yemeni heritage, including mosques, castles and citadels.

Other stamps represent marine life flowers and rare, useful and distinguished endemic insects in Yemen, as well as one representing national human rights day.

In a statement made by Faiz Saif Abduh the Director General of Postal Affairs, he mentioned that the new issues are among the distinguished and the best groups which have been chosen after deep study and extensive research, with emphasis on design, attraction and ancient and historical heritage, Yemeni civilization and the attractive natural environment of Yemen. These new issues contain 39 postal stamps and 7 postcards.

The subject of these stamps are as follows:

1- historical mosques of Yemen : 6 stamps and one card

2- Yemen onyx : 8 stamps and one card

3- citadels and castle of Yemen : 5 stamps and one card

4- marine life in Yemen : 6 stamps and one card

5- flowers in Yemen : 6 stamps and one card

6- national day of human rights : 2 stamps and one card

7- rare and useful endemic insects of Yemen

Abduh added that these issues have become available all over post offices in Yemen.

He went on to say, “We have provided local and international stamp collectors with their needs of these issues. Moreover, we have sent free stamps and cards of these issues to interested organizations and international guidance concerned with recording and the international and local magazine newspapers and mass communication to give information about them.”