Yemen prepares a five-year development plan [Archives:2004/764/Local News]

August 16 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
A press conference was held at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation on Monday, August 9, on the occasion of the visit of the delegation of UN millenium project to support Yemen in the development of a strategy to alleviate poverty.
The mission, consisting of six experts, included Dr. Tarq Yousef, a professor at American George Town University. He is a consultant and a mediator between the international organization and Yemen.
The Director of the millennium development project said that Yemen was receiving the support of the international community to accomplish the 2006-2010 development plan, which was based on achieving the goals of the millennium development project so as to raise Yemen to the status of the average developing country by 2015.
He also praised the official Yemeni sense of direction in implementing the strategy. He said that Yemen was chosen among eight countries of the world to receive the support of the millennium development project in order to carry out a development plan that would meet the ambitions and expectations of the Yemeni people: a development plan that would alleviate poverty, provide education for all, conserve the environment and create new job opportunities. He confirmed that the joint meetings between the Yemeni team and the mission enabled Yemen to come up with a final-drafted strategy to present to the United Nations.