Yemen pushes for pro-Palestinian media campaign [Archives:2006/956/Local News]

June 19 2006

SANA'A, June 18 ) Yemeni Minister of Information Hassan Ahmad Al-Lawzi emphasized the need for the Arab media to play an effective role in supporting the Palestinian's cause and in highlighting their sufferings under Israeli occupation.

Al-Lawzi stated that Arab media should report facts about the Israeli siege of Palestine and the occupier's harsh practices against innocent people in the Arab land.

During Thursday's symposium on role of media in lifting the Israeli siege on the Palestinian people, the Information Minister indicated that the Yemeni government and people have a firm stance against the siege and any crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

He said that Yemen's media policy is part of a broader Arab media policy as it pays close attention to the Palestinian cause. The Council of Arab Ministers' approved the formation of a media campaign against dangers to religious freedoms in Palestine caused by the Israeli occupation, said Al-Lawzi.

Other decisions supported the Palestinian Intifada and its resistance to the Israeli occupation regime, including the expansion of Jewish-only settlements throughout Palestine. The Council supported all media activities in Palestine as well as the provision of facilities to militants, said Al-Lawzi.

Fayez Abduljawad, Palestinian Deputy Ambassador to Yemen, praised the stand taken by the Yemeni government and people backing the Palestinian cause, as well as the Palestinian legal struggle to restore their usurped rights and property.

Mohamed Seyam, an official at Hamas' office, and Abu Rajab, Representative of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), affirmed that the siege will not hinder the Palestinian people from resistance and living in dignity. Both men insisted that the Palestinian people will continue to demand their rights.