Yemen-Qatar cooperation enhanced [Archives:2003/671/Local News]

September 25 2003

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Sana'a, September 24 – The visit of a Yemeni delegation headed by Prime Minister Abdulqadir Ba Jammal to Qatar during the period 22-23 September has resulted in a number of cooperation agreements in many fields, among them oil and gas.
During the delegation stay Yemeni and Qatari exchanged ideas on means of cooperation in fishery, industry, and production of oil products. Furthermore, cooperation in scientific research and environmental studies was also discussed..
The Yemeni delegation to Qatar included experts and technicians from the ministry of oil and mineral resources to get acquainted with developments in oil industry experiment of Qatar.
However, the visit also focused on the democratic experience of Qatar especially in the freedom of the media and in particular the successful example of Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel.
It is worth noting that Qatar pledged to assist Yemen with USD 90 million in the field of economic development, especially in construction of roads, whose designs and studies were presented to the government of Qatar during the visit.