Yemen re-opens embassy in Somalia [Archives:2007/1019/Local News]

January 25 2007

SANA'A, Jan. 24 ) The doors to the Yemeni Embassy reopened in Mogadishu last Tuesday.

Yemen is the first country to open an embassy following the collapse of the regime of the Islamic Courts. The new Yemeni ambassador to Somalia, Ahmed Hamed Omar, has indicated that Yemen has historic, diplomatic, economic and cultural relations with Somalia, indicating that he is very pleased to represent Yemen in Somalia

The Yemeni Embassy is located in southern Mogadishu and has all the required facilities to undertake full diplomatic operations in Somalia and further improve multi-lateral relations between both countries.

Yemen has played an important role in maintaining regional security through the Sana'a congregate which includes Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia, and has welcomed Somalia refugees and provided humanitarian assistance to war-torn Somalia.

President Saleh who recently met with the Ethiopian Minister of foreign affairs, have emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and security in Somalia, while Yemeni Officials discussed with the Ethiopian Minister mechanisms to coordinate efforts the stands of Yemen and Ethiopia, as well as the agenda for the upcoming summit of Sana'a congregate to be held in the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa.

Yemen has played an important role in moderating dialogue between various Somali factions and has shown support for the Somali interim-government, most recent of which was a shipment of foodstuff and aid which landed in Busasu port, while calling on other Arab and Islamic nations to provide the Somali government with all the support needed in order to maintain their peace and security.