Yemen Represented at Dubai Intl Media Summit [Archives:2002/03/Front Page]

January 14 2002

Dubai-UAE: Delegates of international press clubs, Editor-in-chiefs of the regional newspapers and representatives of the international and local media participated in the International Media Summit which was hosted by the Dubai Press Club on 7th January, 2002. Among the guest speakers for the session on Freedom of the Press in Developing Countries was Mr. Walid Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf, Editor in Chief of the Yemen Times as the sole representative of the Republic of Yemen.
Addressing the meeting, Mr. Walid Abdulaziz, said, For Press freedom to flourish, there should be stead and strong steps in gradually and slowly integrating democratic values in the way of life of any nation.
He added: My experience in the field of freedom of press in Yemen has shown me that if government or regime understands the importance of freedom of press and is convinced that the press could help the government rather then disturb it, then there could be great chances for development and prosperity.
There was open debate between the speakers and the audience on the different topics at the summit. The International Media Summit gave the members of the media and opportunity to exchange ideas and discussed various issues of importance to the journalistic community.