Yemen restores control of Al-Tewal outpost [Archives:2006/947/Local News]

May 18 2006

SANA'A, May 17 ) Saudi Arabia handed over to Yemeni Authorities the last bordering outlet of Al-Tewal which includes military sites and buildings in between the border mark 31-40 west. The handover took place according to Jeddah Treaty that put and end to a 66 years of disputes between the two neighboring countries. The treaty was signed on June 2000 and it concerns the demarcation of international borders between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

The ceremonies of handing over took place in the presence of a number of security and military leaders from both sides. The ceremony also included signing the handover documents and the transfer of sovereignty over buildings and establishments as well as border guard in Al-Tewal Outpost. Thus, Al-Tewal Outpost has become part of Haradh District, Hajah Governorate.

In a press conference released by Yemeni News Agency, Saba; Mohamed Al-Quosi, Deputy Minister of Interior said “so far Yemen have restored all sites and buildings between the land border marks 31-40. This reflects the will of both political leaderships and their common interest in setting strong basis for brotherly relations between Yemen and Suadi Arabia.””