Yemen & Romania to increase trade [Archives:2002/22/Business & Economy]

May 27 2002

The 4th Yemen International Trade Exhibition was held May 20 to 26 as a way to establish new trade between Romanian companies and Yemeni businessmen and increase the flow of products and services already marketed.
George Epure, Commercial Counselor of the Romanian Embassy, in Sanaa said during the exhibition held at the Sanaa International Exhibition Center that the two countries could trade more.
I consider that the actual level of the trade between the two countries is not corresponding to the economical potential of both countries, Epure said.
A few years ago the Romanian Electromontaj Company implemented several projects in the field of electrical lines in major Yemeni cities such as Aden, Taiz and Sanaa. Now the Ministry of Electricity and Water will issue new tenders for such work and I hope that the Romanian companies will come here to Yemen to participate in these tenders and to implement such projects, he said.
At the present the Romanian engineers work for ROMCOHSULT company work along with the Yemeni technical specialists in the field of processing of crude oil.
Both the Trade and Industry Ministry and Romanian Foreign Affairs will encourage Romanian and Yemeni companies to cooperate in such vital trade fields.
There is another field in which the Romanian companies have good experience, especifically in the field of oil exploration and production of crude oil and gas.
I hope that the Ministry of Oil and Minerals in Yemen will do its best to develop the bilateral trade relationships with the Ministry of Industry and Resources in Romania, George Epure said.
An agreement in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas was sent to the Romanian side to be negotiated.
Of course, we wish to promote and encourage the representatives of the Romanian companies to export their goods to the Yemeni markets, he added further.
The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to provide valuable trade information and other trade activities to be acquainted with the necessary trade and commercial activities of both countries.
Epure thanked the management of International Trade Exhibition. This is because they have paved the way to for the Romania to participate for the first time of its INFO Desk- MAE Romania, of the international affairs, he said.
NFO Desk Ministry of Foreign Affairs means that the commercial office activities of the Romanian Embassy in Sanaa is totally moved to the Sanaa International Exhibition Center to participate at the 4th Yemen International Trade Exhibition .
Until now economics-related discussions with Yemeni businessmen have been held by the Romanian Commercial Counselor.
Yemeni businessmen expect that there will be an increase in capital from the government of Romania to establish trade partnerships and invest its capitals in Yemen.
The increase of the Romanian products is due to the good quality and competitive prices of Romanian commodities compared to similar products of the Asian countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India that are available in the Yemen markets.
Yemeni businessmen get information from the INFO Desk-MAE Romania, concerning the possibility to purchase Romanian products such as, cereals, wheat, flour, sugar, powder, pharmaceutical products Soya bean oil, metallurgical products, cement, lubricant, and greases.
Commodities such as papers, cartoons, vehicles, trucks, ships plastics, rubber, wooden products, stratified wood products, bearings, machinery and equipment in field of petroleum and gas are also exported from Romania.
Besides, Romania imports from Yemen different products such as, crude oil, fish, coffee, cigarettes, cotton, hide skins and others.
Epure stressed that the trade cooperation between the two countries and Romanian markets are readily accessible for Yemeni businessmen.