Yemen & Saudi Arabia Are Getting There More Intensive Talks [Archives:1997/43/Front Page]

October 27 1997

The mood is upbeat.
Yemen and Saudi Arabia are working overtime to refine the proposals they have been exchanging regarding a draft of the border agreement they are working on. Last week, HRH Prince Nayif Bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Interior Minister, brought to President Ali Abdullah Saleh what he termed as the “absolutely rock-bottom and last offer” on the Saudi side. The Saudis made one more compromise. On Monday, October 20th, Colonel Abdullah Al-Basheeri, Secretary-General of the Presidential Office and the President’s Confidante, flew to Riyadh to offer Yemen’s rock-bottom and last offer. The two sides are slowly inching to each other as they narrow the gap holding back the signing of a border agreement. It could be here before the year is out!