Yemen, Saudi Arabia to share electrical grids [Archives:2006/949/Local News]

May 25 2006

SANA'A, May 24 ) The Executive Arab Electricity Ministers Council will hold their eleventh round of meetings between May 24-25. Among the topics that council participants will discuss is a proposed project that would see a shared electric grid between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The project was one of the special studies on electric grid networks commissioned by the Algiers and Khartoum summits.

Furthermore, the Council will discuss a memorandum concerning the enhanced development of the council that focuses on electricity. The importance of their exertions has previously been recognized during to the decisions reached at the Tunisia summit where it was stipulated that countries belonging to the Council should be in compliance with the Arab qualifications and standardizations for electrical equipment. For commodities, Council member countries should be in compliance with the Arab Industrial, Development, and Mining Standards.

Qualification authorities should ratify these standards and all countries are expected to comply with them especially in manufacturing and trade sectors. The memo notes that there is a need for the formation of working teams to create modalities for the use of existing Arab training centers. In addition, the Council will consider the prospect of developing training courses now in operation.

The memo cited the need for updated information and publications that are prepared for the Council of Electricity Ministers, particularly in the renovation of inter-Arab electric grids.