Yemen & Saudi Arabia turn over 15 suspected terrorists [Archives:2003/654/Front Page]

July 28 2003

Yemen and Saudi Arabia extradited last Thursday 15 terrorists and criminals, an official source said. The Yemeni authorities handed over seven suspects to the Saudi authorities. They had escaped to Yemen and were arrested by the Yemeni police later on. On their part the Saudi authorities turned over eight terrorists and criminals wanted by Yemen. Two of the eight suspects are charged with the terrorist attack on the French oil tanker, Limburg in the incident of which one of the tanker's sailors was killed and a serious environment disaster was caused.
It was announced some time ago that Abdulhakeem Batheeb is the mastermind of the operation and he is still at large. The security tried to arrest him by the end of last year but it failed as he fired at the police and killed or wounded some of them.
The Saudi authorities already turned over two other suspects charged with having links to the French tanker's attack. This extradition of suspected terrorists and criminals is a fulfillment of the security agreement signed between the two countries.
Yemen and Saudi Arabia confirmed during the meeting of their coordination council last month that they would cooperate to fight against terrorism. The two countries feel the need to work together against terrorism as they both find themselves battling the same enemy. Yemen anticipates a financial aid from Saudi Arabia to be able to tighten security measures at their border line.