Yemen & Saudi Arabia$2 million assistance to Yemen [Archives:2003/648/Local News]

July 7 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
The Military Hospital Director, Brigadier General, Ali Mohammed Naji has expressed his appreciation to His Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi defense minister, the Second Deputy Premier for being a philanthropist in erecting the Surgical Prince Sultan Center at the Military Hospital in Sana'a.
Director of the hospital has told Yemen Times that Prince Sultan's donation of USD 2 million is a generous gesture towards the Yemeni people and confirmation of deep relations of the two peoples.
The newly-built health center will be of great importance to thousands of Yemeni civilian and military patients.
A number of major and minor surgical operations are to be performed in the hospital after completing furnishing equipment of the hospital, especially cases used to be sent abroad.
On the other hand, the Military Medical Services Director, Brigadier General Hashem Ahmed Abdullah said the center is in need of a qualified medical cadre and professional practitioners. It also needs nurses and assistant doctors. This will enable doctors to perform their duties fully. “I hope that the concerned bodies will entrust a specialized medical company to run the hospital properly,” Mr. Hashem said.
The Surgical Prince Sultan Center consists of ground floor, and six floors with a total area estimated at 8564 square km and with a capacity of 310 beds.