Yemen & Saudi Border Guards, Clashes: 4 Killed [Archives:2000/33/Front Page]

August 14 2000

Yemeni troops stationed in Fara area near the border with Saudi Arabia engaged last Tuesday with Saudi border guards, killing 3 Saudis, while one Yemeni was killed and 3 others wounded.
On the other hand, in a telephone conversation made by Yemen Times, Sheikh Mohammed Ben Shajea, chief of Wailah tribes settling near the borders with Saudia said that his tribesmen came under an armed attack by Al-Fara forces camp led by Brigadier Abdullah Dares. The attack was an attempt to evacuate their areas to other places far away from the border-line. He added that they would resist any attempt to drive them out of their land where they have been settling for more than 240 years. “Yemeni as well as Saudi governments must take into consideration that we will not give up our land and we are ready to defend by all means,” he concluded.