Yemen seeks to change reduction level of ozone-depleting substances [Archives:2004/770/Local News]

September 6 2004

Yemen has proposed a request to the program concerned with conformity to the Montreal Protocol (which regulates emissions of ozone-depleting substances), to help convince the protocol executive committee to bring down Yemen's reduction level which is currently 300 tons.
Eng. Faisal Nasser, manager of the Ozone Unit at the Environmental Protection Authority said that the conformance program is going to hold a small meeting in Bahrain next month to discuss Yemen's request in detail before proposing it to the Meeting of the Parties in Brag in November 2004.
He pointed out that Yemen's request involves a change of the permissible consumption of ozone-depleting substances from an average of 300 to 1700 tons.
He said the level Yemen is seeking to modify has been based on inaccurate information about the quantity of ozone-depleting substances in Yemen.
“This would create many problems, such as classifying Yemen as one of the countries non-conforming to Montreal Protocol which it ratified in 1996,” added he.