Yemen signs agreements with GCC [Archives:2002/43/Local News]

October 21 2002

The Yemeni government and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) signed last Wednesday the agreement of joining Yemen in four institutions of the GCC.
The GCC approved Yemen’s joining the institutions of education, heath, labor and social affairs, and the football tournament. The signing ceremony was conducted in the presence of President Saleh, Vice President, Hadi and the ambassadors of the Gulf countries to Yemen as well as Yusuf Bin Alawi ,the Omani Foreign Minister and current chairman of the minister council at the GCC and Abdulrahman al-Attyah, Secretary-General of the GCC.
Mr. Al-Attyah said the event comes to stress the willingness of pushing forward the relationship between Yemen and the Gulf countries in all aspects as this will promote stability and prosperity of the people of Arabian Peninsula. He also highlighted Yemen’s effective role in promoting security of the region.
Official sources said president Saleh ordered a Yemeni team should be set up to continue working with the GCC and study the similarities between the programs of economic and administrative reform in Yemen and laws in the GCC countries as well as studying the possibilities of Yemen’s participation in the economic and other aspects of cooperation with the Gulf countries. Saleh stressed Yemen’s interest to promote its relationships with the GCC countries.