Yemen Starts its Immunization Campaign Against Tetanus [Archives:2001/30/Health]

July 23 2001

Eonatal Tetanus is a fatal disease affects infants (2-28) daily due to wrong midwifery and the contamination of the umbilical cord. Despite the seriousness of this disease, there is no interest concerning this aspect. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that Yemen has been ranked the 18th among 58 countries in the world. The mortality in Yemen caused by tetanus reaches about 2013 among 2239 cases, i.e.. the heavy mortality sometimes reaches about 2,9 cases in 1000. According to general and strategic plans and the efforts which were exerted to eradicate this serious illness, the neonatal tetanus were detected and discovered in some of the areas in Yemen. Efforts were seriously made to eradicate and reduce the affected cases within the coming five years by supporting a strategy through study and practicing the proper and clean midwifery in remote places of Yemen. Increasing the hygienic awareness among people on the importance of inoculation in that area. Studies and investigations were carefully carried out and a number of causes were the following: 1) The availability of horses’ stables inside a lot of rural houses, this results in the easy transference of germs through droppings 2) Lack of health centers. 3) The spread of ignorance and illiteracy and the absence of awareness among people concerning the seriousness of the illnesses 4) As it has been mentioned earlier, the wrong midwifery and the absence of specialization particularly in villages. Midwives there have a little scientific experience in midwifery. But how can we get rid of this fatal disease, the following ways should be taken into consideration. 1) Informing directly about the spread of the epidemic, preparations and making plans have to be taken also into consideration for the coming campaign. 2) Distribution of inoculation teams to every rampant villages. 3) Procedures have to be performed through four stages aiming at inoculating against tetanus including 3160000 girls and women alike, inoculating 3513945 women at the period of delivery. The campaign has covered lot of regions in the country supported by (WHO). Cases of tetanus were recorded in the main hospitals to reach from 163 affected cases in 2000 to 176. In conclusion, it has to be mentioned here that the aim of inoculation campaign is to eradicate the neonatal tetanus and immunize 616976 women and girls on 7 governorates through several centers. In addition to this the first campaign was on 30/6/2001 and the second campaign was started on 18/7/2001.