Yemen, the Heritage & Horizons of Freedom [Archives:2001/36/Law & Diplomacy]

September 3 2001

The new 189 pages Book Yemen Al-irth Wa Ofok Al-Houryiah (Yemen the Heritage and Horizons of Freedom) is the first production of Mr. Abdullbari Taher one of the pioneering symbols in the field of Scientific research in Yemen.
The book presents valuable concepts, day to day dialogues and the most interesting negotiations related to the intellectual life in the Yemeni and Arab arenas. The subjects, the book is dealing with, are the summary of his scientific life ever since the 1970s.
The book is presenting precious studies and subjects formulated as following:
Yemen and the buried culture treasures: in which he is dealing with dimensions of the Yemeni identity and environment which frustrated all powers invaded it in the past, national culture, the ancient and modern history of Yemen.
He shed the light on the role of the national liberals who struggled for the sake of a free nation since the Turkish ruling then the Imam’s and up to the date. He discussed democracy and its evaluation by the Westerners and Marxists, the freedom of opinion, expression and journalism in Yemen as well as the party system, the syndicates labor and social institutions and civic organizations.
He concluded his book as he described the Yemeni society, the origin and obstacles and the reasons behind the society degeneration.
According to Taher’s book the Yemeni tribes are fiercely invaded with ignorance and illiteracy which are crowned with heavy and light weapons. The tribes are the major obstacles in front of the national dream of modernity and civilization.