Yemen Times Certificate of Merit  Handed to Ayman Al-Gabiry [Archives:1999/44/Local News]

November 1 1999

On Thursday October 28, Yemen Times honored Mr. Ayman Al-Gabiry by handing him the Yemen Times Certificate of Merit for his noble role in saving a man’s life. 
Our readers of the issue 39 – Volume 8 would most probably remember Mr. Ayman Al-Gabiry and recall his humane efforts in saving a worker’s life. For the ones who did not read the article, here is a briefing. Mr. Ayman Al-Gabiry hurried out of his apartment upon hearing about a worker who fell into a pest and was pulled out as a dead body covered with dirt, etc.. Determined to help this person, Ayman used his first aid knowledge to save his life. He worked so hard on CPR until the worker came back once again to life before all the staring people who were shocked to see a miracle happening in front of them as they were all convinced he was dead and did nothing about it. Yemen Times paid its utmost gratitude to Mr. Ayman for his noble act, and invited him to the newspaper to hand him the Yemen Times certificate of merit. 
After submitting him the certificate, Mr. Ayman, who is a petroleum engineer working in Masila/Hadramout gave a short statement to the Yemen Times, “I thank the Yemen Times for this invaluable certificate which I will keep as a memory forever. I did what I did in the belief that every soul is important, and one must do his best to save it. I also would like to thank my company and my manager who had supported me all the way and taught me the techniques of first aid that truly paid off in saving the worker’s life.”Yemen Times once again congratulates Mr. Ayman for his courageous act, and wishes him and his company more success in the days to come.