Yemen Times continues celebrating its 16th anniversary with Diplomatic ClubBowling at Fun City [Archives:2007/1046/Last Page]

April 30 2007
Haitham cheers enthusiastically.
Haitham cheers enthusiastically.
“Strike!” shouted Michael Hankey, knocking down all 10 pins with his first ball. No wonder he came in first with 162 points at the Yemen Times-Diplomatic Club bowling event – Hankey is good at the game, winning the day before completing his contract as American Citizen Services' vice council at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen and heading home.

Hankey wasn't the only diplomat who displayed a knack for knocking down pins. Andrew Dombrowski, political officer at the same embassy, came in second with 128 points. Besides being an enthusiastic player, Dombrowski also was one of the event's organizers.

Coming in third was Yemen Times Managing Editor Raidan Al-Saqqaf with 117 points.

The bowling event, which took place last Thursday at the Fun City bowling alley, was an initiative sponsored by the Yemen Times to gather the diplomatic community in a friendly and informal atmosphere. The event follows on the 16th anniversary celebrations of the newspaper. The Diplomatic Club, which organized the event, is a social gathering place for those within the diplomatic community in Yemen where they can organize events and celebrations.

“The point is to gather people in a friendly atmosphere and simply to have fun outside of the formal diplomatic working atmosphere. It's open to everyone in the community, so we encourage others to join,” said Haitham Abu Al-Faul, club chairman and secretary at the Jordanian Embassy.

Moroccan counsellor Moulai Zaine El-Moussaoui, who attended the event with his family, looked great in his sporting outfit and cap as he exclaimed, “Today is for fun. I'm so excited and ready to play!”