Yemen Times dominates the English-language newspaper market:Yemen Times sales set to record high [Archives:2003/646/Front Page]

June 30 2003

For the first time in its history, Yemen Times sales have risen to unprecedented high levels beating all weekly newspapers in Arabic and English and hence enhancing its domination of the English-language newspaper market in Yemen. The extraordinary jump in sales was attributed mainly to the high credibility and professionalism of the newspaper and also the fact that it is now has become a semiweekly coming out every Monday and Thursday with more illustrated news and analyzes of internal and external events.
“We thought that when we release the Thursday edition, sales of the Monday edition would drop. But what happened was amazing. Not only did the Thursday edition catch quickly with the sales of the Monday edition, but also the Monday edition's sales increased significantly.” said Walid Al-Saqqaf, Editor-in-Chief of Yemen Times.
It is also worth noting that advertisers have realized that the step taken to become a semiweekly has brought to their advertisements in the paper (whether on Monday or Thursday) more publicity and exposure.
In the meantime, bookstores and newsstands confirmed that sales have increased greatly due to the fact that readers started shifting from reading other newspapers that come out during the weekend to reading Yemen Times Thursday edition because of its credibility, variety, and high standards.
“That is not all! We still have plenty of wonderful surprises ahead. Some of them would be pioneering, and others would simply be unmatchable.” Al-Saqqaf added.
It is worth noting that Yemen Times is Yemen's most widely read English newspaper. With a readership covering all segments of the intelligentsia community, Yemen Times has become an essential source of news for hundreds of thousands of Yemenis and foreigners in Yemen and abroad. According to a recent survey derived from sales of the hard copy in the market in the capital and other cities in the country, almost 90% of readers purchasing English-language publications at newsstands and bookstores purchase Yemen Times, while 10 to 20% percent buy other English-language publications instead.