Yemen Times helps print itNew directory outlines standards of quality [Archives:2003/692/Business & Economy]

December 8 2003

By Imad al-Saqqaf
Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

Taking into account that economic development is a right way for realizing development prosperity, many countries have been keen on achieving the biggest amount of it, especially while coping with the rapid changes in various fields.
When these countries got deeply engaged in the economic development, the man was undoubtedly its goal of development, whatever its means are, as he is influenced by production of industry, and the orientation it adopts in the field of its economic direction.
When markets were flooded with products of unknown origin and others get into markets illegally, the society began showing anxiety for its safety, health and food security in general. That was especially important at the appearance of some products not having good quality or not appropriate or human consumption and health harms resulting from consuming them, whether they are local or external gods.
Out of keenness on keeping pace with the age and sticking to aspects elements of economic and comprehensive development security, Yemen has embarked on establishing the State Authority for Specifications and Standardizations with the aim of pushing national industries to criteria of quality that creates consumer trust, as it is well-known that quality of the product is the strong link between the factory and the consumer.
Nevertheless, some civil organizations have appeared concerned with awareness with both the factory and the consumer, but their role remains weak and sometimes absent because of the non-relation between them and the media.
In order to shake the stagnant waters, the Yemen Times has taken the initiative and joined forces with the State Authority for Specifications and Standardizations to produce this directory that undertakes definition of quality, containing indispensable instructions to be presented to the consumer in its simplified form. The work has also depended on a study and questionnaire conducted by the Yemen Times and the Consumer Protection society in Taiz. The authority leadership, represented by engineer Abdulsallam Ghalib al-Qamash, his deputy Ahmed al-Basha and Jamal Mohammed Abdulrahman, director of the Authority's branch in Taiz, played an effective role in supplying us with information and showing their keenness on conveying the service to the consumer and the factory simultaneously.
We would not in this regard forget the role of the private sector in participating in this directory, though their participation is not a testimony from us as much as it is an indication to its interest in presenting high quality product.
The importance of national industry and its role in building the society, urges us to have a sense of national responsibility for encouraging and supporting our national industries and t feeling aware of their significance in taking part in advancement of the homeland economically, socially and culturally, citing the industrialized states that consider the national industry part of their identity and in return they are requested today to offer the best and for building the man and achieving comprehensive economic development.