Yemen Times marks issue No. 1,000 [Archives:2006/1000/Front Page]

November 20 2006
Late Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Yemen Times founder.
Late Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Yemen Times founder.
SANA'A, Nov. 20 ) The Yemen Times celebrates issue No. 1,000 today, an achievement that affirms Yemeni journalism's success as a whole, as well as the flourishing of free and independent media in pursuit of facts.

This achievement is the fruit of many efforts and much hard work since the newspaper was established in 1991. In that year, the late Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, an economics professor, founded the Yemen Times and introduced it to the local and international readership. The newspaper's success is attributed to his efforts.

Founded by the prominent economist and human rights activist, who also was its editor and publisher until his untimely death at age 46 in a 1999 traffic accident, the Yemen Times began publishing Feb. 28, 1991 with the declared aim: “To make Yemen a good world citizen.”

Fifteen years later, staff members confirm that the road to success wasn't easy, being full of thorns and difficulties, particularly as staffers committed themselves to neutrality, independence and transparency. Yemen Times reporters thus far have been committed to seeking facts; however, such facts often are bitter and fatiguing.

Staff members' efforts and dedication have produced positive results in numerous areas, the most important of which is gaining the confidence and a good reputation in the eyes of local and international parties interested in independent and transparent media.

As a result of this reputation, the Yemen Times has received several international awards, the first of which was the International Press Award in 1996 – only five years after the newspaper was established. The most recent award was in May 2006 when the International Press Institute (IPI) honored the Yemen Times with its 2006 Free Media Pioneer Award.

The newspaper's distinctive success is attributed to its self-reliance, as well as exercising a noble humanitarian message professionally. Today, one may say with pride that the Yemen Times established the initial steps toward free and independent journalism, devoting most of its time and efforts to seeking facts.

On this occasion, Yemen Times staff commit themselves to continue striving to reach the noble humanitarian goals for which the newspaper was founded. They vow to continue seeking facts, defending public rights and freedoms, backing civil community organizations and discussing facts objectively, neutrally and transparently.

The newspaper's editorial board states, “We remain committed to supporting citizens and conveying their sufferings, concerns and voices to government officials and decision-makers. We'll continue promoting all of the positives and criticizing all of the negatives in all governmental and non-governmental parties,” adding, “We'll always support efforts aimed at implementing economic and political reforms and developing Yemen's press situation.”

The Yemen Times attributes its success to its sincere reporters, who continue exercising great efforts, and deeply thanks its readership and those who support it.